Benchmark for linear algebra javascript libraries


This table compares the features offered by different javascript libraries for linear algebra (see below for performance).

Library High-level language parser Plots Matlab-like development environment Background computing Matrix factorizations Linear system solver Sparse linear algebra Statistics Optimization Other
LALOLib Yes Yes Yes Yes Cholesky, QR, eigen-decomposition, SVD Yes Yes Yes (sample, estimate, pdf for (mv)Gaussian, uniform, Poisson, Bernoulli distributions) Steepest descent, BFGS, linear programming (with glpk.js), quadratic programming Complex numbers, fast Fourier transform
math.js Yes No Yes No LU Square nonsingular systems only Basic support only Sample from Gaussian and uniform distributions No Complex numbers
numeric.js Yes Yes Yes No LU, eigen-decomposition, SVD Square nonsingular systems only Yes No Unconstrained minimization, linear programming, quadratic programming Complex numbers, ODE solver
Sushi No No No No QR, SVD No No No No

Note: we compare with the simple Sushi library, not SushiCL which uses GPU accelaration but requires a much molabcomplex i s a mucf but r onp(mv)GimplGPUrs.



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LALOLib YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
math.js YesYesYesYes 12000 YesYesYes
numeric.js YesYes
Sushi NoYesYes Steep="font-an=or:rgba(255,0,0,0.9) hr1751 (errv)G= 8.4) YesYes Stee/N/A

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